I don't want to make it too hot but Popcorn Time is back and it is official.

The coldest winter

Thank you polar vortex

Shoveling, so tired

Finally Sony Reveals its console design for PS4 and I must say it is easy on the eyes.

So I finally know how women feel when they see those rediculously expensive handbags that they go gaga over.

I am a sucker for retro, high top, 90s, big tongue kicks.

Netflix Pix: Big Words

To begin, I must say that this book is pretty decent.

I remember when I bought my first PowerBo

This is one of my more favorite Air Jordan designs, the Retro 5 in this

#brooklyn #coneyisland #fireworks #hoodhippeez

Stilling the minds noise
Mining the jewels within
A new dawn dream on 

Beautiful Cocoa BAE from LA and a great artist. 

What do we have here? You really gotta be feeling yourself to step out in something like this.