Puma and Rime get together to offer the limited edition exclusive Puma Luxe Skye Wedge.

Last night was the end of Breaking Bad, a criticall

Parallel visions

Realities intertwine

Love is destiny

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Ecovative marries innovation and ecology using fungi. Waste management has been a long time concern of mine so sustainable solutions like this always

Desperate hustle

Cat and Mouse game for cheddar

Jigsaw Life, get it?

I was watching the Bloomberg TV  channel today and one of the

As I sit agaze 
Window shopping through your eyes 
Priceless soul I know

Not your average or your ordinary but a little extra. Roberta's offers a change of pace for pizza and pasta lovers.

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Henrietta Lacks's immortal cancer cells have been the key in many medical advancements and research of the modern day.

Yes it is now spring time a time of rebirth and new life and also a new season of

Introducing the new Lebron 12s. Not at all thrilled by this shoe but I do like it better than its predecessor.

The Miami Heat are back to back

I have always wanted to build a home that is in symbiosis with nature and live a

Just some highlights from the night. Supporting my cousin Geoffrey Morris and charcoal piece  "Reach"

Omg Spike Jonze, I just saw "Her", I didn't know...I didn't know.

Curtis "50 cent" Jackson&;s newest show Power has really shocked me.