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King's Disease Album Review

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King’s Disease, Nas’ most recent album released late August of 2020, has a lot to be discussed in terms of quality. I don’t know where to start with this album, but all I can say is that If I had 8thumbs, I would give this album 8 thumbs down.  It was not a typical Nas album, we are used to or even expecting. It’s not even close. It was bad and underwhelming on so many levels. For starters it was an unbalanced, seemingly quick rushed album. I grew up on the version of Nas, that had the compelling well thought out story-telling songs that drew listeners in from beginning to end. “King’s Disease” was not that kind of album.At some points I scratched my head and asked myself “what the hell is Nas talking about”. 

Let me start by saying I listened to this album 5 times and all five times I was disappointed. I will go song by song and critique them in order.

1)“King’s Disease”: The beat had an element of nostalgia but nothing crazy, nothing we have not heard from DJ Premier,Salaam Remi, Guru etc. Its was a big boast and reflection of a past life, 30 years ago. A whole of lot O.G. reminiscing on things he is no longer about. It like when you to the park and you speak to the old head who served time and he telling you about his past life in comparison to his current life…. as a has been. Yeah that’s how this song felt. The sad part is Nas is alegend and not a “has been”. However, on this album he sounded like one.

2) “Blue Benz”: This has the same explanation for previous song. He gives a shout out to Louis Rankin and skit from Belly which was cool but this is not 97/98 smh.

3) “Car ”:  The same as the two songs previously. But the beat was actually decent

4) “Ultra Black”: This was an attempted to show his pro black side with a beat from Hit Maka but on repeated listens it gets annoying and was lackluster at best.

5) “27 Summers”:  This is another attempt to be relevant with a good beat, where he boasted about what he accomplished in life. But once again, another song that fell flat.

6) “Replace Me”: A song that included some relevant artists with a decent beat but…. not spectacular.

7) “Till the War is Won”: I actually like the feel of the song but that was about it. It has Lil Durk on it and the beat hits. But other than that, it leaves more to be desired. A bad attempt to unite blacks and uplift black women. A half a** fail to be honest.

8) “All Bad”: This song was decent with a nostalgic feel and includes Anderson.Paak. One of the better songs with some replay value.

9) “The Definition”: This sounded like something from one of his previous horrific albums (we all know what album I refer to)

10) “Full Circle”: Another decent song with members ofthe critically acclaimed Firm album from years of hip-hop past. “Full Circle” included Foxy, AZ, Cormega, and The Firm, all voices we have not heard in years. So, it was appreciated and pulls him out the negative a bit.

11) “10 points”: a failed attempted to school current day young ins who know nothing of what Nas went through and they will never know. He really tried to give an “Illmatic”, “It Was Written” vibe, but it was an epic Fail. The hook was horrible if I forgot to mention.

12) “The Cure”: This is my personal favorite where I can say I like the beat and where Nas shows glimpses of the Nas we grew up with and respect. Nice beat with some creativity. This is still miles away from the Nas we all revered.

13) “Spicy”: All I can say is this the closing of the casket. Hearing him with Fivio Foreign and A$ap Ferg hurt my heart as it was a dismal attempt to claim relevance off young man clout. Horrible. I would not put this song on a secret mixtape.


To conclude this painful review (as I highly respect Nasand he as influenced a lot of my thinking growing up), I will say this is was a thrown together album with a bad attempt to appease the millions of loyal Nas fans. It attempted to bring Nostalgia back but failed epically. I felt like there was severe lack of growth and creativity from a person of Nas’ caliber. I felt he went into time capsule back in time to make this album. I was looking forward to an evolution of Nas to show some growth. Instead, he tarnished his legendary legacy with this one. The horrible album I was referring to, that this album reminds me of is “Nastradamus”. The fact that we are in an era with so much watered-down music, a legend can put out anything and it will be considered good if not great. That is My only explanation for how people thought this album was “good” or “classic” If you have not listened to it, please do, but don’t get your hopes to high.



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Opinions are like assholes

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So this review doesn’t come from a perspective of a person who appreciates the art form that is hip hop. It seems like you’re more concerned with your opinions being heard. This also serves as a barrier to appreciating the music and it’s subtleties discrediting the time it takes to produce    Something they feel proud enough to put their name on. Know better do better.